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Why Masala Chat Room

Instant Messaging service
CHAT has the same functionality for queuing, skills routing, prioritisation, SLA-concept, group and agent profiles, including online monitoring and comprehensive reporting by SONAR. PULSE CHAT allows businesses to personalise the service they offer by providing an easy and flexible channel of customer communication, not previously available within other call centre suites.

PULSE CHAT: Contact Center Benefits
Improved Efficiency

An agent can handle up to 8 simultaneous CHAT inquiries, allowing an experienced agent to handle multiple dialogues simultaneously. However an agent will not receive CHAT requests if they are currently engaged on a call.
Ease of Communication

PULSE CHAT is integrated within the same PULSE medium so agents do not have to switch between windows to support this functionality. In addition customers can start a CHAT communication direct from the business website without the use of an external Web chat medium which increases customer satisfaction.
Comprehensive Reporting

Like an email each CHAT is saved for future review and can be printed and emailed back to the customer. In addition CHAT reporting is also available on SONAR.